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Atoms Energy is partnering with Greeley-Weld Habitat for Humanity to build a natural gas-powered Zero Net Energy (ZNE) demonstration home in Evans, Colorado, which will demonstrate that natural gas is not only affordable but also provides significant greenhouse gas emission reductions.


The mission of this Habitat for Humanity ZNE home demonstration project is to provide a deserving family with an energy-efficient and comfortable home that also leverages natural gas and renewable energy that meet Colorado's climate goals while lowering utility bills.

About the Home

  • 1508 square feet

  • 5 bedrooms

  • 2bathrooms

  • 95 AFUE natural gas furnace

  • .95 Energy Factor natural gas water heater

  • 13 SEER air conditioning system

  • R-53 attic insulation; R-34 wall insulation

  • U-value .25, SHGC . 23 windows

  • 7 kWh of solar photovoltaic panels

What are the expected energy bills?

Preliminary energy reports for the design of this ZNE home estimate average monthly utility bills will be cut in half, allowing Ms. Rodriguez peace of mind when balancing her family budget​

ZNE Family

What is a Zero Net

Energy Home?

A ZNE home produces as much energy as the home consumes within a year, which results in net-zero energy consumption and a carbon-neutral home. The goal of this home is to achieve a HERS index score of zero. This will be achieved by installing high-efficiency natural gas heating, water heating, and air conditioning equipment; incorporating building envelope efficiency, and incorporating passive and active solar technology to make the home self-sufficient and environmentally responsible.

How does natural gas help Colorado achieve clean emission goals?

This sustainably built and energy-efficiency home meets the state's goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by using a balanced energy approach. This ZNE home will include a rooftop photovoltaic solar electricity generation system and high-efficiency natural gas appliances, in addition to top-rated insulation, windows, and home weatherization features.

The Rodriguez Family

Franky Rodriguez, a hard-working single mother who is raising her four children, that includes her adult son with special needs and one grandchild. She has been renting an apartment for 30 years and considers this home to be a dream come true. Franky also looks forward to contributing to the construction of their home, which provides a sense of accomplishment and creates an additional connection to the home.

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