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Construction Students on Habitat Jobsite

Career Technical
Education Program

The CTE Program, or Career Technical Education Program, allows students to prepare for graduation by teaching them construction and life skills while focusing on core curriculum requirements for graduation through building Habitat Homes.


The students learn valuable lessons throughout this process. From the start of the foundation to the completion of the home, these lessons help them as they consider furthering their education or preparing to enter the workforce. For many students entering the construction sector is a promising path. Trade careers are in high demand with an over 382,000 job shortage in the industry nationwide. *           


(12/2018, Bureau of Labor Statistics, United States Department of Labor,


Give the gift of your time and knowledge and know that the impact you will make through your generosity will affect generations to come. Working together, we can put all the pieces together to make our communities and their families stronger!

Contact Cheri Witt-Brown, CEO to learn about sponsorship opportunities today! 

(970) 351-6766 ext. 102,

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