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Vega-Gonzalez Family
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Uriel and Dayana have two sons: The family currently lives in a trailer that they own on a rented lot. Uriel has done a good deal of work on the interior and has made it a nice home. The rooms, however, are tiny, and insufficient heating leaves some rooms cold during the winter. It is a very cramped space for a growing family. The couple knows about Habitat for Humanity because Dayana spent the last of her childhood in a Habitat home that her mother owns. During her visit with the GWHFH Family Selection Committee, Dayana related, through tears, that she spent most of her childhood moving from a cramped apartment to a cramped apartment with her mother and three sisters. She said that when riding the school bus to Northridge, she would see the beautiful homes as she passed, and would imagine having such a home one day where she would raise a family. She and Uriel expressed gratitude for the opportunity to possibly make that dream come true through a partnership with Greeley-Weld Habitat for Humanity.

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Mutaz and Salma came to the US from Sudan, with 4 children, in 2019. They have lived in Greeley for 3 years. The family is currently living in a two-bedroom apartment. 2 children sleep in one bedroom, and another child has a small bed squeezed in the other bedroom with her parents’ bed. The baby sleeps between mom and dad. The apartment has no green space where the children can play outside. Mutaz and Salma want to provide the children with a home with more space and stability. The children wish for a yard where they can safely play outside.

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Jonathon and Stephanie have been married for 6 years and have 3 children. Jonathon works at Northern Colorado Youth for Christ and is a mentor for Weld County's struggling youth, including some of our Jefferson students. Stephanie runs a small home daycare. The family is currently living in the basement of Stephanie’s parents’ house.  Parents are in one room and the 3 children share another. There is no emergency exit and they have to use the kitchen upstairs. Our Family Services Committee has received about 15 letters of recommendation for this family- including one from our own esteemed board member Warren Yoder. A few words used to describe Jonathon and/or Stephanie: hard-working, respected, respectful, beautiful, devout, gentle, dedicated, role model, provider, loving, responsible, able, cheerful, giving, willing and impressive. The couple, despite having their hands full at home, dedicates a great deal of time to giving back to the local community.

Truly families like these deserve the chance to build their forever home.

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