Greeley-Weld Habitat for Humanity
Current Partner Families


Vieyra Family

Cherelle Sirio is the single mother of two daughters- Amelia, 14, and Ava, 12. Cherelle works at Independent Pump and System Management as the Colorado Office Manager. Amelia is in 9th grade at Greeley West where she takes physics and plays volleyball. She hopes to be a veterinarian in the future. Ava is in 7th grade at Brentwood Middle. She plays basketball and swims and in the future wants to be a gaming programmer. 


Cherelle and her daughters currently live in an older townhouse. The heat only works in the main living room and one bedroom. For Cherelle having a forever home in the place, she has lived her entire life would be a dream come true!


Vieyra Family

Anna Vieyra is the single mother of a 7-year-old daughter, Belle. Anna works as a machine operator at LA Woodworks. While only 24 years old, Anna has shown remarkable stability. She has lived in her current apartment for 5 years and worked at her current job for 4. While her current living conditions are good, any more increases in rent will leave her severely cost-burdened. 

To Anna, having a Habitat home will enable her to put down permanent roots in Greeley as well as provide true stability for her daughter, Belle. For her part, Belle hopes to become a teacher or a mermaid.

Ronquillo & Enriquez Family

2021 Women Build


Kimberly Enriquez is a single mom of two sons, Josiah and Elijah. She first participated in the 2018 Women build as a volunteer and learned about the homeownership program through the build day. The family had to move from the mobile home which was built in the 1960s into Kimberly’s mother’s home due to the home falling apart. Kimberly is worried about accessibility, as her mobility is limited, and her children need to have space to call their own. This single mom works hard to try and provide a safe, stable home for her children to grow up in.

“I not only want, but I need, a home for me and my kids. A home that is safe, and secure. I want to live in a home without the fear of the roof caving in, flooding rooms, or falling through the floor.”

-Kimberly Enriquez, Future Women Build Habitat Homeowner


Melissa Ronquillo is a single mom raising her young daughter Paulina. Coming to Greeley to be closer to family, Melissa currently lives in a  two-bedroom apartment. Unfortunately, the apartment is infested with mold making it unhealthy for her and her daughter to live in. For this family having a Habitat home would make a world of difference and allow Melissa to raise Paulina in a safe, healthy environment.

“Habitat is a great opportunity for people who want to become homeowners, but who don’t have the assets to reach that goal. My sister is a Habitat homeowner, and she has been a great role model for me.”
-Melissa Ronquillo, Future Women Build Habitat Homeowner


Legawi Family

2021 House that Beer Built


Aster Legawi and her family have lived and worked in Greeley, Colorado for the last three years. The Legawi family moved to America from Sudan and have been permanent residents of the United States since 2017. Aster has 4 children: two daughters Liya, and Soliana, and two sons Kidus, and Sofonyas.  

Aster has partnered with Greeley-Weld Habitat in order to provide a home for her children so that they have space to grow, learn, and enjoy the safety and freedom that comes with additional space. Aster hopes that her new home will provide her family with comfort and security while they wait for their father and husband to join them in the United States.

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Arguello & Vasquez Family

The story of Habitat homeowners Stephanie Arguello and Patricia Vasquez is one of patience and persistence.  When her daughter Stephanie and her two grandchildren moved back to Colorado from California Patricia’s living situation underwent a dramatic change, and space became an immediate issue: “When my daughter came back, she and the kids came to live with me in my one-bedroom apartment. The quarters were very tight, and we were blessed to be able to move across the hall to a two-bedroom.

Stephanie and Patricia are thrilled to be selected as Habitat homeowners and are eager to get to work on their new home. They recognize the unique opportunity that homeownership provides and have worked hard and waited long for their chance to provide their young girls with a better life: “Greeley Habitat and all volunteers are helping us to thrive and own our own home” Patricia said. “God bless you all for doing this during these hard times, you cannot imagine how much you’re helping us.”

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Rodriguez Family

When asked about the most daunting aspect of moving out of the apartment she and her family have rented for over 30 years, Frankie Rodriguez had a somewhat surprising answer: “Probably paying utilities. We live in public housing, so the rent is high, but we have never had to pay individual bills and accounts…I’m sure we’ll figure it out”. Frankie, a single mother of four children and one grandchild does not need to be overly concerned about her utility bills, as she and her family will be the proud owners of Greeley-Weld Habitat’s first Zero Energy Home, a project launched in partnership with Atmos energy.


As a Foreman at Cintas, Frankie is used to hard work and has a network of family and friends in the area who are willing to help. Looking forward to the increased space, security, and stability that her new home will provide, Frankie had a message for Habitat’s staff and supporters: “I never thought I would own my own home…thank you for making our dream come true”.