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2022 Difference Maker Build

ZNE Home

Atmos Energy ZNE Home, Mission Springs

Nationwide Cost of Home Campaign

Nearly 19 million households across the United States are spending at least half of their income on a place to live, often forgoing basic necessities such as food and health care to make ends meet. In Colorado, this equals one out of seven households. In order to afford an average home in Colorado, you need to earn at least $102,000. In so, many communities around the state --teachers, firefighters, nurses, restaurant managers, city workers – the people who help make our communities safe, healthy, and thriving - can’t afford a decent place to live. If the workforce doesn’t have stability, neither do our communities.

2019 Statewide Legislative Build Day

In June, Habitat for Humanity affiliates across the US launched a new national advocacy campaign aimed at improving home affordability for 10 million people in the US over the next five years. In Colorado, 14 affiliates kicked off the campaign between June 27-29 with a Legislative Build Day inviting local, state, and federal government officials to pick up a hammer to help make the Cost of Home something that every Coloradan can afford. The build day also provided an opportunity to celebrate the 2019 legislation that will result in over $156 million for affordable housing throughout the next three years in Colorado

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